Call it, ” Comfortably Classic” !


Outfit Details:

Shades: Ray Ban.

Crop Top: Forever 21.

Pants: Forever 21.

Scarf: Global Desi.

Watch: Spring Field.

Bag: New Look.

Footwear: Local Brand in Bangkok.

I am currently consumed by something that people like to call “statement” denims, and

surprisingly they turn out to be one of the most comforting yet stylish garments that I have in my closet! If you  are anyone like me who just has to be comfortable while running errands through out the day, this piece is definitely something you should be looking for!

Skinny jeans can get so intolerable after a point, thus I prefer picking up baggy high-waist denims, like the above, which are so enjoyable yet still so edgy and perfect for a day scheduled with so much work! And as a bonus we have the minute details of the denim knot up belt, the line dividing each side and also frayed ends that are giving the simple look so much structure and style!

For the t-shirt I’ve gone for a basic skin fit maroon crop top, which perfectly goes with the boxy trousers. To accessorize the look further I’ve added a bohemian printed scarf , and my personal favorite octagon shaped jet black shades. Keeping the style subtle, for the hands, I’ve gone for a watch and a few bracelets, that compliment the outfit. To wind up the look, I’ve chosen peach slip-ons and finally completed the look with a brown fringe sling bag!

All in all, this look according to me is super effortless yet so elegant and to add

brownie points it is also extremely college and work friendly!

Do let me know if this helped you in anyway, and if it did please go follow my blog and hit like and join the SOTS family. Also, share your pictures with me on my Instagram (@styleofthesubtle) if you recreate any of these look, i’d love to see how gorgeously you guys would carry it! Until next time.


Sakshi Shah.


    1. Love you asthaaaa!!! Thankyou so so so much! Glad you could relate to it! If you liked this one I’m sure you will never be disappointed to see this blog hahah stay tuned for the next one! And thank you so much once again!!❤️❤️❤️


  1. Wow Sakshi. You look amazing. Sooo very simple and comfortable. God bless.Wishing you loads of success. Keep it rocking. Looking forward for the next one. Love you.

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